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  • Podcasts are kinda hot right now

    65% of active listeners started listening to podcasts in the past three years.

  • But there's over 700,000 shows to choose from

    Almost a thousand new shows are added every week.

  • And you don’t want to waste half an hour to pick a good episode

    Skimming through five shows and not finding something you’re excited about is not a good experience.

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Enter Soundbite

The premise is simple. Soundbite lets you discover new shows you through bite-sized listens which you and other people can curate.

The “What should I listen to now?” question is something a lot of podcast apps have struggled to answer. To answer that question, we wanted to tap into the best resource for recommended listens – you!

A lot of the time you find out about a show through an IRL conversation. It’ll usually go something like “You have to listen to this show, there was this one bit in the last episode where...”. That one bit for us, is a Soundbite, or a bite for short.

Bites are central to the entire listening experience. From choosing topics you’re interested in, to picking what goes next in your queue.

Pretty soon, you’ll be skimming through podcasts, saving the best bites, following niche topics and listening to hidden gems. This is what finding new stories should feel like.

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